context3d.present() dont do anyting

Good day. I’m using openFl. When i’m compiling my project in cpp -> stage3d doesnt working. When compiling in flash each frame i’m doing only

private function frame(e:Event):Void

background becomes black (it was white by project settings), when compiling in cpp - it dont change its color. How to fix this problem?

maybe problem in some of this lines?:

stage.stage3Ds[0].addEventListener(Event.CONTEXT3D_CREATE, onContextCreated);
stage.stage3Ds[0].addEventListener(ErrorEvent.ERROR, errorHandler);
_context3D = stage.stage3Ds[0].context3D;
_context3D.configureBackBuffer(width, height,0, false);

The Stage3D compatibility layer is a work-in-progress. Currently the rendering is not synchronized with ENTER_FRAME (as you may render more or less often than frames occur)

Ultimately, I think that Stage3D will have to be buffered, so we can feed to GL when it’s time to draw, rather than feeding immediately, in order to have full compatibility

Away3D is using this right now for render events: