Content extending outside scroller in HTML5 target

With stablexui 1.1.4 and OpenFL 2.2.2 (Haxe 3.1.3) Scroll widget content is visibly extending outside the scroll widget area in HTML5 (setting overflow has no effect).

Reverting to Openfl: 2.0.1 and stablexui: 1.0.17 partially fixes this, but the content is still there but not visible (i.e. it takes mouse events and masks other content from taking mouse clicks).

I received a response from the Stablexui issues forum for the first of these issues to say that scrollRect had not been implemented in OpenFl for new html5 backend.

Any thoughts on how to fix this?

Can anyone recommend a stable OpenFl / Stablexui configuration?

I believe the HTML5 backend does have scrollRect, but I would have to run tests in order to confirm that, or to confirm that it works in all cases

Thanks singmajesty,

It would be good if you could check it out. This is currently breaking our app in HTML5.

As I said with OpenFL 2.2.2 content is visibly extending outside the Scroll widget (as if overflow = true) - the comment about scrollRect was referring to this aspect.

Reverting to Openfl: 2.0.1 it is not visibly there, but it is still extending and blocking (or intercepting) clicks to other elements below its level.

(Other than that, overall the HTML5 backend is performing very well.)