Console support

We are developing a game for console using Unity (through a publisher), however coming from an AS3 background we would much, much rather stick to Haxe & OpenFL. (Which I used recently for this game: and loved it!)

I’ve tried searching the forums and google for news about this. The last thing I saw was that console targeting was planned for the fall update with Lime Next. But in the fall update it wasn’t mentioned.

It’s not an emergency, but I would love to be able to use OpenFL for the game, and we’d have some time to build the PC/Mac version first before worrying about console. But before we made the decision we’d need to know that console targeting will be possible, and that it would be available some time later this year.

So I guess my question could be boiled down to, how are things going with console targeting, is it possible it will be available within the year? Thanks so much and keep up the absolutely amazing work!

I have no idea when it’ll be ready but they are working on it now,
according to lars doucet ( they have a wii u app that compiles and run (no graphic yet).
That doesn’t look like much but actually it required a lot of work on the tooling and compilation chain and I’m sure it’ll apply to other console targets.
Also last I heard they used a middleware so once a console target is done doing another one isn’t as much work.
Things are happening! :smile:

Btw love your game :wink:

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Hey ibilon, thanks so much for your response. I’m so sorry I missed it initially. Thats a really exciting development. Fingers crossed progress continues to be made on this front :smile:
And thanks! Glad u like it :wink:

As we continue to mature the newer codebase, the more it will set us up for success with consoles, since we can share nearly all the code :wink:

Thanks so much singmajesty, really appreciate your feedback. Its pretty exciting stuff.
We may have a number of games for console, and since we’ve all come from the flash world we’d love to be able to use OpenFl (-which we love!)
Thanks again and good luck with it all - do you have any idea on time scales at all?