Concerns regarding the end of support for the Android Ant build system

Hi- this topic was briefly addressed by singmajesty in this post here:

But I just wanted to check in again and see what I need to be prepared for.
Singmajesty indicated that this would affect the android extension system and template overrides.
I have a fairly large project built in OpenFL 2.2.5.

Does this mean that any openFL extension built for android will cease to work correctly? Will they still work but OpenFL itself will be left with an outdated build system? Is it in my best interest to update to the latest openFL with legacy mode, to insulate myself against whatever changes will be around the corner?

lastly, if I do update openFL and experience a severe issue (even with legacy mode on), do I always have the option to simply type

haxelib set openfl 2.2.5

at the command line?