[Complete] StoryDev - For those interested in interactive fiction

I feel rather dumb not having said anything about this project here. StoryDev is my own engine written in Haxe and OpenFL. It is designed with a focus on direct programming.

The engine can be downloaded here, although you may find it useful with an editor, which can also be found here.

The features are:

  1. Write Passages with multiple formatting options: regular, bold and/or italic.
  2. Code your passages to make dynamic and functional mechanics for your story.
  3. Customise the UI with colours, background and character images.
  4. Add sounds and play them easily.
  5. Use in-built functions to parse and stringify JSON data files to extend StoryDev easily.
  6. Extend the engine with your own functionality.

Images and download can be found on my website, as well as documentation and video tutorials.

Just a word of note: the only build target is “flash”. If you want to build to a platform other than Flash, command prompt will be required and to build the project from its folder, would be:

haxelib run openfl build project.xml [target]

Where target is the target platform, i.e. html5, ios, windows, neko, etc. Thank you for your interest in my project.