Compiling lime legacy on RPi2

I am trying to run openfl app on RPi2 and I am forced to use legacy version (due to the haxeui lib).
I can compile app, but when I try to run it, it complains about missing lime-legacy.ndll. Which is indeed missing. I tried to compile it with lime rebuild linux -Dlegacy -Drpi. While it reports no errors, it seems that it ignores the legacy flag and compiles normal version.

Is there any way to work around this?

I am using dev versions of lime/openfl/hxcpp/haxelib.


The dev version of openfl doesn’t have the legacy codebase anymore,
you can still find it in the openfl3 branch.

git checkout openfl3

Thanks for pointing me in this direction.

Anyone following this path:

  1. you must also checkout lime to master branch (not devel)
  2. dont forget to switch haxelib dev
  3. you must patch legacy build file in similar way to the
  4. also in the build file patch in correct SDL paths (hint sdl-config --libs)
  5. last error you should encounter is missing CapabilitiesGetScreenModes. Workaround for now is to skip it

Originally I planned to upload compiled ndll, but since there were few hacky solution on this path to fruition I am hesiting now.

Result is somewhat slow, but it’s definitely step in the right direction.

Thanks again @ibilon