Compilation for MIPS architecture, opendigux, rg350 handheld

Hi, this is my first post, so here we go

As I can see here

“2.9.0 (01/22/2016)”
“Added MIPS and MIPSEL to architectures in tools”

So I guess, compiling for an rg350m machine, is in the realm of possible…

Here are the specs of the said machine:

CPU: [Ingenic JZ4770] 1 GHz MIPS processor

GPU: Vivante GC860, capable of OpenGL ES 2.0

RAM: 512 MB DDR2

System: Linux 3.x OpenDingux

So my question is, how is it achievable? What flag should I add to the lime or openfl compilation? Is there a workaround? Anything at all to make that happen? I hardly can find any information about it, except for the lime changelog page above which mention mips architecture…

FYI I have a linux desktop, if that can help

And here is a rather outdated tool chain I’ve found which I have successfully used to compile cmatrix for the rg350m and then packaged into a .opk, it works

The cmatrix project in case you don’t know what that is github dot com /abishekvashok/cmatrix (sry I’m limited to 2 links…)

Any help, any lead/idea about how to go about it, is highly appreciated, thx in advance