Colyseus Multiplayer Client for Haxe


Hi there!

I’d like to announce that Colyseus finally has a client for Haxe, which I was planning to have since a long time ago.

If you’re interested in developing multiplayer games, you may find this server and client library useful. The client library was tested on html5, neko, cpp and ios targets.

Simple demo

This demo uses the state_handler room, from the official examples repository. (You can check more links in the description of the video.)

About the project

Colyseus is an Open-Source Multiplayer Game Server for NodeJS. It has a server state sync mechanism designed to be simple to use.


Hello, congrats on the Haxe support for the library.

Trying to send a string as a message from one client to the others in the same room, in the nyamcat example, but not getting there.
Shouldn’t :{ message: “TEST”}); register with the onMessage functions?

   = function (message) {
		trace("ROOM MESSAGE: " + Std.string(message));

Is there a way to broadcast like in 01-chat-room.ts colyseus example?

Edit 1: Managed to get the messages showing in the running server at 2567 but not being able to broadcast to other clients in the same room, still.{message:‘TEST’}); stops at the server and other clients don’t get the test message.

Edit 2: I see broadcast is only available in the server so pretty much a mute point to ask for it in the client.