Colormatrixfilter Not working

I’m wanting an effect but every time I edit the matrix it just does not work.
I am also using blur filter and I know that I’m doing it right so idk what the issue is.

It seems to be working fine for me, both color matrix and blur filter, on HTML5 target. How are you applying them? I do not edit directly the Sprite.transform.colorTransform or the Sprite.filters - I create new ones and then set these properties.

ColorMatrixFilter definetely works, here is a demo using an helper class to make values understandable by a human ColorFilterHelper demo

I assume this is a follow-up from the exchanges we had on Discord : you should specify that you are talking about Flixel and camera filters :wink:

Sorry i forgot to say flixel but that should really not be the problem
also i am applying it the same way i am doing blur filter
but im using it on windows could that be it

I know but it’s not that i don’t know how to use the matrix helper or colormatrixfilter i looked at examples
it’s just that the filter itself is not working the matrix is working but the filter is not working
i traced it and it was changed but the filter itself did not change