Color Key Shifting On Sprites at Canvas?

In html5, how would I access Sprite in Canvas without using DOMSprite and -Ddom option?
I need to apply this Color Key Shifting effect on sprites in canvas, would it be possible?

I think you could do something like this:

var canvas = js.Browser.document.createElement ("canvas");
canvas.width = 100;
canvas.height = 100;

var bitmapData = BitmapData.fromCanvas (canvas);

That would give you a canvas-based BitmapData on HTML5

However, you should be able to achieve the effect using paletteMap, or simple setPixels with BitmapData APIs, that would be cross-platform as well

Thank you, but how would I get canvas-based BitmapData for an individual Sprite rather than whole canvas?

You could bitmapData.draw, then the bitmapData.image.src might be a canvas