Clarification about haxe, openfl, android, ios versions?


since i wish to install a new dev env during winter hollidays :

  1. what is the recommended haxe version to use with openfl? the last stable version is 3.2.1 but the download page leads to 3.4 which is a RC1 therefore non stable and the openfl page links to 3.2.1 but the lime page says to use the latest version, so i’m a bit lost.

  2. same question if i want to use haxeflixel on top of it. (iirc there was a limit on the openfl version but unable to find the post)

  3. regarding android, what is the minimum version i can target and how do i set it? what is the recommended one, or what version do you use?

  4. same question for ios?

  5. can someone who published an app or game to the appstores provides a quick list of the settings used, an example as : for this game, targeting this os, i used these settings (haxe version, openfl, sdk, ndk) or a github template if any?

  6. is there a simple way to use multiple haxe versions on the same computer, or to have one config set per project and how to do that? for instance proj1 : haxe 3.2, lime 4.5, proj2 : haxe 3.4, lime 4.52, etc

  7. what is the official way to upgrade an haxe version? same question if i want multiple haxe versions?

  8. not a question, thank you for your help!


nb : i have an old haxe 3.2.1 install with a few haxelib upgrades on my openfl/lime and it works fine for my experiments and tools but since i would like to push games on the appstore, i thought i may ask for your best practices first.

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Hi, and welcome :slight_smile:

  1. I recommend the latest stable Haxe release, version 3.2.1. It is possible to use the latest development build of Haxe (newer than 3.4 RC1) and the latest HXCPP development build, but if you’re newer, there’s going to be more safety in sticking with the release versions

  2. If you are using Flixel, they support only OpenFL 3.6.1 officially. Otherwise, I’d highly recommend the current 4.5.2 release

  3. We target Android API 9 and up

  4. I believe we target iOS 6 or greater (might still work on 5) but realistically, older than 7 or 8 is probably not needed

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1… I’m using latest Haxe 3.4.0-rc.1 with no problems.

3… As for Android, I’m having something like this:
<android minimum-sdk-version="16" />
<android target-sdk-version="23" />
Android SDK 16 minimum, because of this:
"OpenFL uses API 16 to support modern Android features, but is still compatible with API 9 devices."
And target SDK 23, if you want to use the latest version of Google Play Service, like AdMob, etc.

4… Just latest XCode should be fine, at least it worked for me in OpenFL legacy mode.

5… These docs gives explanation on how to setup all the required tools:

7… Just download and install. :slight_smile:

This means we use this by default:

<config:android minimum-sdk-version="9" target-sdk-version="16" />

This has changed recently, though, to better support immersive mode. so it looks like this:

<config:android minimum-sdk-version="9" target-sdk-version="19" />

I would recommend not touching the “minimum-sdk-version” value unless you are knowingly using Java features, extensions or APIs that will not run on older devices

Ok, thanks for letting me know. :slight_smile: