Chrome unstable resampling

I am experiencing an annoying rendering problem with Chrome: the native resolution of my HTML5 app is 1280x720, and when I set it to fullscreen the resampling is really unstable, it switches from a correctly resampled image to a raw rescaled one. You can see the difference here

where the first one is correct, while the second one is not.
In Firefox the resampling is constant, but framerate is also lower, and it suggests the idea that Chrome applies a sort of frameskip to resampling process, skipping resampling to keep framerate constant. The problem could be noticeable on old hardware like mine, but like me there are a lot of clients using my app on old hardware.
Do you know if there is a way to force constant resampling render?

Do you use smoothing = true on your bitmap?

Sure! As always! It would be great to apply smoothing to the whole app window (instead of the single images), but I don’t think the result would be the same.

EDIT: the problem shows up on the entire window, textfields included.