Chrome Rats Webgl Hit a snag

I’m having problem on desktop chrome rats webgl hit a snag on my html5 game that using :

  1. Dragon bones 5.0.0 :
  2. html5 build option : html5 -Dopenfl-disable-graphics-upscaling version

Is it can cause rats webgl issue on chrome?

Because my other html5 game that not using library and build option above not getting that issue?

This issue only happen on certain pc not all pc.

As far as I know, this issue is brought on when a webgl app starts taking too much memory. I don’t think -Dopenfl-disable-graphics-upscaling would contribute to that. If anything I would expect it to decrease the amount of memory allocated…

I haven’t realy looked into how to recover from a context loss event in openfl. just enough to realize it would take a lot of effort :confused:

How do we know memory that used on html5 openfl? I try it with the memory always show 0MB. It’s working on flash and android but not html5.