Chrome freeze HTML5

I have a issue while using chrome 53.0.2785.116 m and my game that you can test on this adress:

At a random moment, chrome completely freeze and take a moment to return to initial statut or just crash the openGL render. I try to retrace the source of this lag in my process manager and notice a process call simply “system” take a huge amount of cpu when the freeze appear.

To render each triangle, i use a shape and beginBitmapFill function.The same bitmapData is use to fill every triangle.

On Firefox, IE Edge, IE 11 i have no problem and the game turn without a hitch.
It’s seems there a link with the hardware acceleration material and this freeze. When i untik this option the look and feel of my game is not the same (that’s normal) and i don’t have any freeze during experience. That’s very stange.
Can you test and return to me your experience, it will be very appraciate.

EDIT : The bug appaers with OpenFL 4.0.3. No problem with 4.2
That’s the error wich crash Chrome :
GL_INVALID_OPERATION : glGenSyncTokenCHROMIUM: fence sync must be flushed before generating sync token