Changing destination folder for SWF library

I am using and SWF library and noticed that when I compile my project the .swf is dismembered into the “/lib” folder, even if it would be obvious to me to find it in a different folder.
Is it possible to set a different destination folder than “/lib” for the “compiled” .SWF? I need to keep “/lib” folder for soundjs and other libraries that are common to multiple HTML5 apps (this folder is specified in the index.html template), and separate “/libX” folders for specific applications, inside the folder of each compiled application.

I need to compile the project and obtain a folder structure like this

  • /app
    • /Assets
    • /lib
    • /libX (compiled swf)

so I will be able to deploy multiple compiled applications in the following folder structure

  • /commonFiles
    • /lib (common .js libraries)
  • /app1
    • /Assets
    • /libX (compiled swf)
  • /app2
    • /Assets
    • /libX (compiled swf)

Please tell me this is possible.

This is not yet possible, but these are the places that appear to be hard-coded:



Other Platforms

I’m open to input on how this could/should be improved. You could make edits and openfl rebuild tools to test hard-coded changes, but ideally it sounds like we should have a method of not making this hard-coded.