Change/disable smoothing or antialiasing quality of swf Movieclip


I’m loading a Movieclip (with enough vector details) from a swf library with Assets.loadLibrary and Assets.getMovieClip methods.
On my computer, the movieclip has a nice graphic definition but when a render it on mobile the graph is blurred (with cacheAsBitmap or not). It happens the same if in my computer I change the movieclip scale, for example… in half.

Is there any way to adjust the smoothing to get better definition when the movieclip reduce its size?

Is this on mobile or HTML5?

It might be how the canvas is (or isn’t) smoothed on HTML5. Also, standard smoothing on HTML5 works alright until the scale is about 0.5 and then it no longer looks quite as smooth as software scaling

Thanks for your quick response!

My example is always on HTML5, sorry for not having specified it before.