Change base href

Hi :slight_smile:

i’m looking all over google but can’t seem to find a solution.

I want to integrate my openFL html5 game in a website. The page where i will integrate the game will be in another folder.
I could set

<base href="path/to/my/game" />

but it will mess up the other element of the page.

I changed the path to the 3 js to include (howler.min.js, pako.min.js and mygame.js),
but then, the assets aren’t found (which i understand since the html page including the canvas is in another folder)

So my question is, is there a way to tell openFL to take another “base” directory to look for the assets ?

Thanks in advance

Ok i auto-solved my problem
for those who run in the same issue

lime.embed ("MYGAME", "openfl-content", 0, 0, { parameters: {}, rootPath:"my-new-path" });
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