Can't run OpenFL project on Flash

I’ve been working on a game for the past days and it runs perfectly on HTML5 but gives me a blank screen when I try to run it on Flash. Can anyone tell me what do I have to look out for in these situations? I need to have the game running on both platforms. Thanks.

You should try in debug mode.

I get the same results.

That’s not the point. Do you have any bugs? Also, does it compile without compilation alert/error?
One another thing that comes in mind: are you using drawTiles?

I have no bugs or errors. And yes, I’m using drawTiles.

If you are interested, you may consider trying OpenFL from the source – we have improvements to Tilemap, which should be simpler to use than drawTiles, is compatible with Flash, and works much faster (since it uses copyPixels, not drawTriangles, under the hood for Flash)

How do I do that exactly? I’m new to Haxe and OpenFL (only started using them 2 days ago). I’m also using FlashDevelop, if that helps.

So…there is no flash fallback for drawTiles except if you use tilelayer which creates one bitmap per tile of your atlas.
As singmajesty suggests, you could use tilemap now. Here is a sample.

Thanks, I will check that out. Sorry for my lack of knowledge!

No problem! We will need to just get the next release out the door, so this is more readily available :slight_smile:

If you decide to try development builds, instructions are on and