Can't load XML with UTF8 encoding for HTML5

Hi, I’m trying to load an XML that has UTF8 characters in Spanish:
Something like this:

    	<FBK100>¡Tomaste la decisión correcta!</FBK100>

With characters like ó, í, ¡ etc.
But I get this when I trace it:

�Tomaste la decisi�n correcta!
  • I saved the file in UTF8 with Sublime3
  • I saved the hx file in UTF8 as well in HaxeDevelop.
  • I tried loading the file or just paste it in the code. I got the same results.
  • It works fine on Flash. This error is happening in html5 with any browser.

Any ideas?

Please, someone knows about this problem?

If you load as text (and do not parse the XML) does it seem correct? Perhaps the issue is the TextField renderer, or how are you testing the content?