Can't install OpenFL - Cmd says "blocking"

Hey guys and gals!
I just installed openfl on my laptop and I’m super excited. I need to install it on my pc also, but there it just says “blocking” after I execute “haxelib install openfl” and that’s it. OS: XP Pro SP3. Any ideas?

With Haxe and Neko installed, you can download directly from and (plus hxcpp, actuate or other libraries) and run haxelib local on each one to install.

There are a couple problems you might run into on XP, in my testing, I found that Cairo wasn’t working on Windows XP for some reason, so software desktop rendering is (at the moment) not working there. The desktop GL support targets OpenGL 2+, which may not work on an older system. You should be able to do Flash and HTML5 (or target mobile) from XP, but you might not be able to do a desktop build right now.

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Wow thanks so much for the fast reply, much appreciated! But the thing is, I want it to work, because it also doesn’t work with other installs like Flixel. Or do you have a similar link for Flixel by any chance? xD

Yep, is what haxelib downloads from, you can browse the projects and the latest (or older) version(s) there. The “Error: Blocked” message occurs when haxelib has trouble downloading something :confused:

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Ah yes, of course, that makes sense, because for some reason I can’t connect to at all! A second pc in the same network also can’t, but for some reason it’s possible with my laptop over WLAN. Well, thank you very much!!