Can't get AIR debugger working in FlashDevelop

I’ve been trying to get the debugger working in FlashDevelop and so far it doesn’t seem to be starting at all when I’m targeting AIR. Initially it wasn’t working for Flash either, but I found I could get the Flash debugger working by changing the system file association for .swf files to the debug Flash player. I’ve tried everything I could find that seemed promising at all by googling.

A couple more data points:
1: If I make and build an AIR project, the debugger works properly. It’s only OpenFL projects targeting AIR that don’t have access to the debugger
2: When the OpenFL Flash debugger wasn’t working, I was able to get the AIR version working briefly by running the Flash version and then quickly running the AIR version after. This suggests that the problem with the AIR version is that the debugger isn’t starting, and that if the debugger is present then it will connect.

Hopefully y’all have some ideas because I’ve run out of things to try

Perhaps something in FlashDevelop is hard-coded, and needs an update to know OpenFL can produce AIR content? AIR is a different project type in FlashDevelop, right, perhaps that’s what cues the editor?

Ah, yeah, if I select “start remote session” from the debug menu before running it it does connect with that, so I guess it’s just that FD isn’t set up to launch the debugger with OpenFL air projects. Maybe I can ask around there to see if there’s a settings file I can change to make that work, but this at least gives me a way to debug for now. Thanks!


Thanks ! :slight_smile:

Here’s a macro for doing that automatically in one button/shortcut press, create a new macro & put these in:
Then you can make it appear as button on the toolbar and click on it and/or attribute it shortcut keys.