Can't build lime ios from source

I am trying to build lime from source so I can try the latest Tilemap stuff in OpenFL. I’m finding it a nightmare.

I installed lime using

$ haxelib git
Library name : lime
Git path :

I then ran

haxelib run lime build lime ios

This struggled for a very long time with lots of stuff but ultimately prints out

/Applications/ file: obj/iphonesim-c11-dbg/587c0772_cairo-fixed.o has no symbols
/Applications/ file: obj/iphonesim-c11-dbg/587c0772_cairo-freed-pool.o has no symbols
/Applications/ file: obj/iphonesim-c11-dbg/58757975_ftdbgmem.o has no symbols
/Applications/ file: obj/iphonesim-c11-dbg/4e8dd41a_hb-warning.o has no symbols
/Applications/ file: obj/iphonesim-c11-dbg/d779a716_pixman-timer.o has no symbols
/Applications/ file: obj/iphonesim-c11-dbg/43091967_arm_init.o has no symbols
/Applications/ file: obj/iphonesim-c11-dbg/43091967_filter_neon_intrinsics.o has no symbols
/Applications/ file: obj/iphonesim-c11-dbg/bc8a4738_SDL_dynapi.o has no symbols
/Applications/ file: obj/iphonesim-c11-dbg/46ea07c2_SDL_yuv_mmx.o has no symbols
/Applications/ file: obj/iphonesim-c11-dbg/d6c3e55d_SDL_diskaudio.o has no symbols
/Applications/ file: obj/iphonesim-c11-dbg/b3fd6bd3_SDL_sysloadso.o has no symbols
/Applications/ file: obj/iphonesim-c11-dbg/e412a9da_SDL_render_gl.o has no symbols
/Applications/ file: obj/iphonesim-c11-dbg/e412a9da_SDL_shaders_gl.o has no symbols
/Applications/ file: obj/iphonesim-c11-dbg/25841ecf_SDL_egl.o has no symbols

I can’t find anyone with this issue and I have no idea what this means. Anyone know what to do?

for what it’s worth I’ve just tried the exact instructions at

using git clone manually instead of haxelib. The result is exactly the same.

Just to add I would rather not bother building lime from source at all if possible but it appears that I can’t use openfl master without lime master:

$ haxelib list
actuate: [1.8.6]
format: [3.2.1]
hxcpp: [3.2.205]
hxtelemetry: [0.3.3]
lime: 2.9.0 [2.9.1]
nme: [5.5.7]
openfl-samples: [3.3.1]
openfl-texturepacker: [1.0.0]
openfl: 3.6.1 git [dev:/usr/local/lib/haxelib/openfl/git]

$ haxelib run lime build ios
/usr/local/lib/haxelib/openfl/git/openfl/display/BitmapData.hx:500: characters 2-15 : has no field version
/usr/local/lib/haxelib/openfl/git/openfl/display/BitmapData.hx:1171: characters 4-17 : has no field version
/usr/local/lib/haxelib/openfl/git/openfl/display/BitmapData.hx:713: characters 23-36 : has no field version
/usr/local/lib/haxelib/openfl/git/openfl/display/BitmapData.hx:791: characters 22-35 : has no field version
/usr/local/lib/haxelib/openfl/git/openfl/_internal/renderer/cairo/CairoGraphics.hx:1162: characters 3-34 : has no field version
/usr/local/lib/haxelib/openfl/git/openfl/_internal/renderer/cairo/CairoTextField.hx:302: characters 2-33 : has no field version
/usr/local/lib/haxelib/openfl/git/openfl/_internal/renderer/opengl/GLTilemap.hx:23: characters 2-71 : Type not found : GLShader
../../../../Source/Main.hx:26: characters 49-53 : Too many arguments
make: *** [build-haxe-armv7] Error 1

I think that the error is being spit out somewhere before the text you pasted in your first post. Can you post the complete log somewhere?

Hello :slight_smile:

If you use Lime from source, be sure to clone submodules, and run lime rebuild mac then lime rebuild ios before attempting any builds.

The “cairo-fixed.o has no symbols” message is a warning – not an error. There’s nothing to worry about there

“lime-master” and “openfl-master” should match the haxelib versions, while each also has a development branch that’s beyond the current haxelib release