Cannot run openfl from commandline

Very strange! I’ve installed haxe and openfl lots of times, but this time I have a strange error, and no idea on how to proceed.

I upgraded openfl and lime to version (openfl) 4.9.1 and (lime) 4.0.2.
If I write “openfl” or “haxelib run openfl” from commandline, it only returns a blank line and then back to empty prompt.

So I deleted the haxe sdk folder. Re-downloaded latest haxe and installed it in same location. Haxe and haxelib works (haxe verion 3.4.1 and haxelib version 3.3.0). “haxelib install openfl” and “haxelib install lime” works. “haxelib list” shows them, but “haxelib run openfl” still doesn’t do anything… I don’t know how to proceed, is there a -verbose flag I can use or something?? Tried --debug, but still just a blank line and then back to empty command prompt.

“haxelib config” prints out the correct directory for openfl and lime libraries btw!

Running windows 8. Mainly cygwin (never been a problem before), but same behaviour when using CMD.

Does haxelib run lime work?

No. Same thing with haxelib run lime. I recorded a gif.
I have no idea how to proceed… =/

(note that this is cygwin shell, but it has never been a problem before, and it works on my laptop)

Strange, does -verbose make a difference?

Does neko run? Do other Neko-based tools run, such as haxelib run hxcpp?

As far as I can see -verbose is not a valid switch on haxelib. Tried it anyway and it did not make any difference.

Neko seems to work. Version 2.1.0.
haxelib run hxcpp doesn’t work either (looks exactly the same as in the gif above for openfl and lime).

Tried one more time to uninstall haxe and neko, and download/reinstall again. Same result…?!?

Tried uninstalling and reinstalling older versions of haxe. version 3.4.0 and 3.2.1. Did not make any difference.
It has worked on this computer. Not sure if it was upgrading haxe or openfl that broke it. I am a bit of a sporadic haxe user…

Hmm, seems like either an issue with haxelib run, or an issue with Neko tools in general on your machine