Cannot Build: Type not found : openfl._internal.utils.ExtraParams [Haxeflixel]

Image of Error In Flash Develop here
Full Error: --macro:1: character 1 : Type not found : openfl._internal.utils.ExtraParams

I have just updated my HaxeFlixel (4.4.0) to 4.4.2 yesterday and it seems it creates this error now, though on the previous release I could just build to HTML5, SWF and EXE just fine. Now none of them does even work and return the same error every time. Is there something I was missing or perhaps something I added that cannot be used anymore on this version? Or perhaps I installed the wrong libraries? I tried using Visual Studio Code and also Flash Develop and still it does give me the same error.

Visual Studio Code: 1.25.1 (with Lime 1.2.1 and Haxe 2.2.1)
Flash Develop: 5.3.3
Haxe: 4.0.0 preview 4
Flixel: 4.4.2
HXSCript: 2.2.0
Lime: 6.4.0
OpenFL: 8.3.0

Additional Note: I tried creating a new Haxeflixel Project cause I was assuming that it might just be something with my codes but unfortunately even on a fresh start the error still appear.

Also I tried to look for the said missing file and it was there so I don’t know what is wrong
Image of ExtraParam present in OpenFL references folder

Does this occur when using openfl test neko or another command, or is it while coding in the editor (for code completion)?

Can you try a purely OpenFL sample (openfl create PiratePig && openfl test PiratePig neko) and see if that works? If not, perhaps there’s an issue with your OpenFL install?