Can the libraries\bin path be changed for html5 output?

We have a project created in FlashDevelop outputting to flash and html5, which after moving from the Flash IDE and lots of head scratching finally works :smile:

It includes a few fonts and an swf symbol library which for the flash output is all in one directory, so no problem, the html5 output apart from the js file in the top directory it also creates a few sub directories, fonts, lib and libraries also with a subdirectory \bin.

However the end client is looking to run on an server which defines bin directories as protected so I’m being told to change the directory name so \bin isn’t used. Unfortunately I’m probably being dim but I can see how to do this.

I’ve tried editing the ApplicationMain.hx and DefaultAssetLibrary.hx files, but they simply get rewritten to bin when compiled.

I suspect this is defined in a Template somewhere, but can’t find where, or maybe I have the wrong idea.

I’m guessing I’m not the first person to encounter this so any guidance would be great.


When I output, I get something like “Export/html5/bin/libraries/mylib.dat”

This should be fine, right? Everything under “bin” in this case is then copied to your web server. Which versions are you using?

Yes, I’m copying the files from the bin directory to the server, unfortunately the compile is creating a directory under libraries also called bin?

I think it’s being output to the bin/html5/bin/libraries/bin/ashLib directory because I’m using an swf symbol library, as the directory is full of png’s from the swf. It works fine on an apache server and would work on ASP apart from the path issue.


actuate: [1.7.5]
gm2d: [3.1.12]
hxcpp: [3.1.39]
hxtools: [1.1.6]
lime-tools: [1.5.7]
lime: 1.0.1 [2.0.0]
nme: [5.1.8]
openfl-html5-dom: [1.2.2]
openfl-html5: [1.4.2-beta]
openfl-native: [1.4.0]
openfl-samples: [2.1.0]
openfl-tools: [1.0.10]
openfl: [2.1.6]
svg: [1.0.8]
swf: [1.7.0]

Oh, gotcha. Sorry, I was looking at a project without images. That’s currently set within the “tools/Tools.hx” (I think is the path) file in the SWF library, which is then compiled with “haxe compile.hxml” in the same directory. Thinking about what might be a better convention

Perhaps instead of “bin” it should be named based on the SWF library ID, so as to prevent collisions. I thought I had done something to resolve that

Brilliant, thanks, this is the line I presume…

381: symbol.path = “libraries/bin/” + + “/” + id + “.png”;

Could this simply be…

symbol.path = “libraries/” + + “/” + id + “.png”;

Without the extra path in there?

I think so, that still seems pretty clean, right?

If we did that, we might consider putting the .dat file in the directory as well, so you get “mylib.json”, and a “mylib” directory with all the data for it

It makes sense and would keep the output easier the understand.

Hi I need an additional clarification on this one, because I encountered a similar , bigger issue. The game provider I work for runs a platform in which a *.js file is not kept in the same directory as asset files … So the regular build does not do the job for me. :frowning:

I have to change the path of lib from




along with all image paths inside a pack :frowning:

So I guess my question is where can I change it ? What is a Tools.hx file and where can it be found ? Some additional instructions I suppose …

Hm, while I was listing the documentation and various issues I came to terrifying thought that this actually might not be possible :frowning: ??

Maybe you can change js output path if they require js in diff folder?
<config:html5 dependency-path="js/lib" />

Does this work?