Can i use babylon haxe for android apk?

i want to create an android apk by using babylon haxe, is it possible? I failed to create swf, can i make use of ionic to create an apk? Just like babylon ts

I don’t know if it is technically possible. Since the Haxe conversion of Babylon is fairly inactive now, if I absolutely wanted to use Babylon.js technology in an Android app I would strongly consider their Babylon Native project and then use that with Haxe externs.
I’m noticing your other message related to Away3D, so I am assuming you are exploring your 3D engine options. I am using Away3D myself with good results deploying to HTML5 target. The most active Haxe-based 3D projects right now seem to be Heaps and Armory3D.

Any game editor for away3d haxe, look like prefab 3d can’t work together with away3d haxe, and there are not work on linux

I don’t think there is a game editor for Away3D. The closest things to 3D game editors in Haxe might be the Heaps tools or Armory3D.