Can I remove the Manifest folder from the build that contains the mainfest.json file?

When creating the build there is a Manifest folder created that only contains manifest.json file.

Is it safe to remove the Manifest folder ?

I tried removing them, and it seems they don’t affect the output. But want to confirm if I could be wrong or it could prove to be problematic in some situation.

I saw the json file content is different for different projects though.

Sometimes the manifest JSON is embedded, sometimes it is not. Does it re-appear during a clean build? If removed, does that build still work?

If we generate the file and do not use it at runtime that would be a bug in the Lime tools

I see a folder called “manifest” many a times after a clean build.
( build created with command: Openfl test html5 is a clean build. Right? )

After removing it as experiment, my projects do seem to work. But cannot say for sure because this is the first time I removed the folder.

All manifest.json I have are not more than 2kb. And this is the content of one of them:
Differs a bit from file to file.


Does this make a difference? (added to project.xml)

<library name="default" embed="true" />

No. It still creates manifest folder with manifest.json