Can i make this 3D avatar using openfl?

here I want to make this 3D avatar using openfl. can this be possible using Canvas?


@JK_26 Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I suspect that you are looking for a solution using Open Federated Learning. We are a different project that is also named OpenFL that has nothing to do with machine learning or AI.

If you did indeed have the correct OpenFL, then you may want to check out Away3D for 3D rendering.

When first Avatar film came out we used Away3D to map upload of webcam to masked and tinted avatar model ( even in theory worked with video ). So away3d can do some 3d modelling but I suspect for speed and hi rez you may not find away3d is the best option because it is abstracted above stage3D so may not be able to get the most from the graphics card against other more modern 3d engines. But away3d is a nice api and easy to integrate with starling, feathers, openfl so ideal for mix of minor 3d with 2d. So could be great for prototyping some ideas or for projects like architecture layout, mapping apps where realism is not key but where some 3d visually helps users.

(away3d in openfl needs webgl rather than canvas) To do 3d with just canvas may not be feasible without 3d cheats and probable need to use gpu anyway.