Can I get a zip swflite file?


I used the openfl process command to generate a bundle, but I found that when I request it via http, it is still a multiple request, not a one-time load. In addition, if you add compression such as zip, the size can be smaller, but it seems that this can not be loaded properly?

Can I get a one-time join to load the SWF?

Please help me thank you.


Theoretically, we could join the SWF support with the PAK style libraries, but currently these two library types cannot be mixed. I’m thinking either we should consider changes to the library system to allow multiple “processors” (sort of like Webpack and other systems) so you can mix-and-match, or just direct improvements to SWF. It’s slower to load images if it’s done that way on HTML5, but I understand that that isn’t always the only concern


I believe that decompression will take less time than multiple requests from the network. Thank you for your answer, I will see if there is any way to optimize this problem. :grinning: