Call for help: HaxeFlixel on OpenFL 5.x

Hello everyone!

I have a recent version of HaxeFlixel running on the latest GIT version of OpenFL and Lime, currently using TileArray, a beta API that is a bit more similar to the (deprecated) drawTiles API from OpenFL 3.

Is there anyone (maybe someone familiar with the HaxeFlixel code) who could help polish off this pull request?

The existing code is expecting to then to layer rendering on the same object.

TileArray works with the Tilemap DisplayObject. This means that in order to clear an object, we need to sprite.removeChild(tilemap) or tilemap.visible = false.

There may be a case (or two?) where HaxeFlixel is expecting a canvas to be clear, but it isn’t.

The Mode demo works well for me, but I notice some minor issues, but I do not know if they are on the Flixel side, or on the OpenFL side.

A couple more sets of eyes on this might help to push it the rest of the way through so Flixel users do not have to use an old version anymore :slight_smile:


Nice work Josh! I’m gonna check it as soon as possible. Looks like a nice alternative way of doing things, i’m just worried about the future of this PR since there’s another one who does things differently - i’m hoping there’ll be a middle ground between the two or even a way to plug in different rendering backends in the future.

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