Call for Developers: Remaining Items for OpenFL 9

Our goal for OpenFL 9 is to establish a stable baseline. We will then (after the release) split up work for improved performance and stability. Internally we have separated OpenFL into multiple “packages” to help the development effort so we can reduce scope, simplify complexity and assign more ownership to active contributors.

Usually we discuss library development on Discord but I would like to open it up here as many developers said in the poll they are interested in helping more with OpenFL. Here are some items left before OpenFL is ready for release:

Please reach out if you are interested and I’m happy to help provide pointers while we are waiting for more internal contributor documentation


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I can help on testing for now. If openfl 9 can wait, I’ll try to help on swf.

@joshtynjala I saw on haxe forum that you already built openfl with github action. Can you help on this one?

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