Cairo update, beginbitmapfill and texture repeatition


So I am using the git version and the cairo update seems to work but for one detail:
When using beginBitmapFill vectorial drawing, the texture is not repeated further than it’s original size.
My texture has a 2^n size.

Not a big issue for what I am currently working on, I already managed the issue, but I guess it could be troublesome later on.

…or maybe not.
Might be a problem of positioning.
I just know it doesn’t seem to fill the whole shape.

Ok, update.
It has nothing to do with bitmapFill.
It has to do with bitmap.draw.

in flash, or the old version of the bitmap.draw, the position of the item to draw is not considered.
With cairo it seems different.

There have been a few recent draw related fixes, would you mind updating and trying again, to see if it works better?