Cairo for HTM5 target...not too shabby

Recompiled an older experiment to see how it would run with the new Cairo enabled OpenFL for the HTML5 target…vast improvement!
Kudos to the team.

I belive that cairo is only for native targets. Html5 targets use webgl and / or canvas (depending on compilation flags)

Really? Prior to the most recent versions of OpenFL I’d run into all sorts of rendering issues when it came to vector art. I assumed that the recent Cairo upgrade was what solved all that.

Thanks to @tocsick, we had a run of canvas renderer improvements, which made a dramatic difference in the quality of shape rendering, I think :smile:

It turns out that canvas and Cairo use similar APIs, so we ported the code from canvas and adapted it for Cairo, both native and HTML5, though different renderers, share almost identical shape rendering code. If we have any improvements in the future, we can translate most of the changes between the two implementations :slight_smile:

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