C:/HaxeToolkit/haxe/lib/openfl/3,5,1/openfl/utils/Endian.hx:6: characters 8-44 : Type hints on enum abstract fields are not allowed Build halted with errors

I just updated lime and openfl and then if i run my project it shows the following issue any help please.
thanks in advance.

I had that. If you do a clean build you should be OK. Also just double check you have the latest version of Haxe as well.

Thanks for your reply. How do i do the clean build ( i’m new to openfl and haxe).

i have resolved it. All i did was to update the haxe to the latest version

Glad you got it fixed :smile:
For your reference - in Flash Develop there is an option under the project tab to do a ‘clean build’. I think there is also a terminal / command prompt command as well

Or you can delete your output folder. (Note: don’t delete the “.build” file inside.)

Hi, I am having exactly the same problem after running “openfl test neko”:

/usr/lib/haxelib/openfl/3,5,2/openfl/utils/Endian.hx:6: characters 8-44 : Type hints on enum abstract fields are not allowed

I removed everything and installed everything again so I have the latest versions of all the tools. I am a mac user with the OS X El Capitan 10.11.2.
Just to be clear:
haxe version: 3.1.3
lime version: 2.8.1
openfl version: 3.5.2-LQwi9t
haxeflixel version: 3.3.11

Already tried removing all the files in the export/ folder but got the same error. And I don’t know which is the ‘clean build’ command you are talking about, tried a few things but I’m not sure if that’s what you said.

Could you try making this change in your install?

You may need Haxe 3.2 to use current Lime and OpenFL versions, though

Thanks, I downloaded the haxe installer today and got the 3.1.3 version for some unknown reason (maybe a cache problem I don’t know). Now downloaded it again and got the 3.2.1. Everything is working fine now, the only thing not working is the autocomplete of the sublime package https://github.com/clemos/haxe-sublime-bundle/wiki. I have set the correct paths for haxe and haxelib in the package settings file and everything works but the autocomplete. Anyway, you helped me! Thanks a lot!