buttonMode property doesnot work for html5 export. Doesnot show handcursor

I am having a similar problem as this post says :

Not able to show handcursor. I use “buttonMode” property set to true. Which works for flash, but fails in html5 export. So is their any alternative, that i can try to get hand cursor.?

Which version of OpenFL are you using? This was added recently. It does not work in the default native target, but works here on HTML5, unless this is a browser-specific issue

Oh, ok I see… Yes, just checked the api doc, and it does not seem to be available there.

I think, i am behind the latest version and am using openfl 2.2.4

Hmm… but i think, if i use SimpleButton, then it should do the job. Let me try, and i will get back to you, if there is problem.

Thanks! :slight_smile: