BunnyMark, No Updates, Low Frame Rate

Im testing BunnyMark on Mac and iOS (latest release build OpenFL), with this one slight change: I’m keeping everything the same as in the sample EXCEPT that I’m removing all the update code (nothing in the enterframe)

With any large number of bunnies that really pushes the gpu (say 100,000 on my machine), the framerate falls below 60fps and stays steady (for me, at 5fps). Given that there are no updates whatsoever between frames, I don’t understand why it would not go back up to 60fps after the first render.

What’s going on? I would expect there to be a way to render a complex static tilemap (for example, a grid of 100,000 tiles) and moreover be able to shift a camera around (or, the sprite containing the tilemap) and have a steady 60fps.

What’s the work that’s being done every frame that prevents this?

I think there are improvements to this in the development version on Github, but I agree, we should optimize Tilemap to perform as optimal as possible in this case. Could you tried the dev builds?