Building sample project for HTML5 Error

I am on windows using flashdevelop.

I have created sample project and build them for flash, it worked fine. When i am trying to build for HTML5 i am getting this error: E:/Programing/HaxeToolkit/haxe/lib/lime/2,8,1/lime/_backend/html5/HTML5Window.hx:16: characters 7-25 : Type not found : js.html.TouchEvent

I have installed latest Haxe, lime, openfl and rechecked them, everything seems fine.

Right now i don’t know what to do and how to fix it, google gave me nothing.

The missing file is part of haxe,
do you have haxe 3.2.1?

If not try with this version,
if yes try reinstalling it.

Sorry for late answer. Reinstaling haxe and rebooting pc helped. Windows is a charm :smile: