Building options?


Where can I read about openFL building options of last version?
Ex: separate core library from project files build? or any building settings that can be useful…


What type of build options are you looking for?

I’m not sure if I understand what you mean by separating the core library from the project files build, do you mean using a separate “openfl.js” on the web? Do you mean this on any target other than HTML5?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Oh, let me explain, I am targeting HTML5, and I need the openFL core library to be separated than my project, I need to get two js files, openfl.js and myapp.js, so that I can compile and deploy only myapp while openfl is served without changing unless I do upgrade to openFL version.

Also, in HTML5 target, I am using version openFL 8.9 , is there any way to generate one sprite for assets generated from SWF thus needing only one http request to load it rather than several requests to load all assets.

Thanks in advanced!

We have a standalone “openfl.js” library that’s available on a CDN – we use this for the samples on

This should allow for your application code to be separate from this file but our current Haxe extern files are designed to use ES5 modules instead of using references from this standalone file