Building freezing on Windows build with embedded font

When building on Windows 10 64-bit. for target windows it is freezing at step;
“Running command: haxe…release.hxml -D no_console”
it gives me no errors. but seemingly stuck there forever. (Seemingly, i only let it build for a hour or so).

Seems to be a problem for several projects. Possible problem with specfic ttf file?
is there more debugging information beside -verbose tag on build?

Chunkfive.csv (26.7 KB)

rename Chunkfive.csv to Chunkfive.ttf to get the file

using following libraries:
actuate: [1.8.7]
box2d: [1.2.3]
HaxePunk-UI: latest from git
HaxePunk: latest from git
HaxePunkTmx: latest from git
hxcpp: [3.4.43]
layout: [1.2.1]
lime-samples: [3.4.0]
lime: [3.5.2]
openfl-samples: [4.5.1]
openfl: [4.5.2]
polygonal-core: [1.0.4]
polygonal-ds: [2.0.0-rc.1]
polygonal-gl: [1.0.4]
polygonal-motor: [0.2.0]
polygonal-printf: [1.0.2-beta]
polygonal-ui: [1.0.2]
tmx: [0.2.0]

Are you using Haxe development builds?

We saw a similar issue, it was resolved here

I don’t think it’s simple to take this commit in isolation, though (because we may have had a few patch commit afterwards to resolve compile issues)

We hope to get a release out again soon

pointing to latest gives the error. “Error: Buffer.add: cannot grow buffer”

Yes, 4.5.2 build on Windows freezes with embedded fonts, I’ve switched to dev builds and it solves this issue.
However; in the dev builds, certain fonts from an swf will cause openfl to crash if set as static. Hope for a fix on this!

I haven’t heard of this before. Is there any way that I could get a project that reproduces the issue?

Have you run openfl rebuild tools, to rebuild the SWF embedding tools (in addition to Lime’s tools) on the dev build?

Yes i’ve run openfl rebuild tools …Problem is also apparent in 4.5.2 i think.

It happens only with certain fonts, not really sure why.

I’v made an example project. Its the NyanCat project, and have changed nothing more than adding a static text in the swf. This crashes always for me. If i change the text to dynamic it runs fine. Hope you can reproduce the error.

Windows 10, c++ target, openfl/lime dev builds, hxcpp 3.4.43, Haxe 3.4 rc2

Here is the c++ call stack from debugging:

NyanCat.exe!Dynamic::Dynamic(const Dynamic & inRHS) Line 36 C++
NyanCat.exe!Array_obj::__get(int inIndex) Line 442 C++
NyanCat.exe!openfl::_internal::symbols::StaticTextSymbol_obj::_hx___createObject(hx::ObjectPtropenfl::_internal::swf::SWFLite_obj swf) Line 133 C++
NyanCat.exe!openfl::display::MovieClip_obj::_hx___renderFrame(int index) Line 597 C++
NyanCat.exe!openfl::display::MovieClip_obj::_hx___updateFrame() Line 733 C++
NyanCat.exe!openfl::display::MovieClip_obj::_hx___fromSymbol(hx::ObjectPtropenfl::_internal::swf::SWFLite_obj swf, hx::ObjectPtropenfl::_internal::symbols::SpriteSymbol_obj symbol) Line 372 C++
NyanCat.exe!openfl::display::MovieClip_obj::__construct() Line 140 C++
NyanCat.exe!openfl::display::MovieClip_obj::__alloc(hx::ImmixAllocator * _hx_ctx) Line 811 C++
NyanCat.exe!openfl::_internal::symbols::SpriteSymbol_obj::_hx___createObject(hx::ObjectPtropenfl::_internal::swf::SWFLite_obj swf) Line 90 C++
NyanCat.exe!openfl::_internal::swf::SWFLite_obj::createMovieClip(String __o_className) Line 142 C++
NyanCat.exe!openfl::_internal::swf::SWFLiteLibrary_obj::getMovieClip(String id) Line 213 C++
NyanCat.exe!openfl::Assets_obj::getMovieClip(String id) Line 333 C++
NyanCat.exe!Main_obj::__construct() Line 41 C++
NyanCat.exe!DocumentClass_obj::__construct() Line 48 C++

Thank you so much for the test!

This works on Neko, and with C++ on Haxe 3.2.1, but crashes like you said with my 3.4 development build. I’ve opened an issue