Building for windows freezes the system [SOLVED]

This strange issue is happening and I have completely no idea why… Any help is appreciated

Starting from today when I got home, I hit Test Project in Flash Develop, this line appears as normal

cmd: "C:\Documents\haxe/haxelib" run lime build "project.xml" windows -Dlegacy -release -Dfdb

Then after a short while the computer freezes, with only the mouse movable. Ctrl+Alt+Del does not work, and I have to force shutdown the computer which I have already done so many times trying to find the error and the OS even wants me to check the disk when I restart.
-I rewind to yesterday’s code and still freezes.
-I deleted the bin folder and still freezes.
-I tried to compile the sample BunnyMark project and still freezes.
-The only things I did differently than previous days: I changed the UI theme of FlashDevelop, but I switched back it still freezes.
-Also I created 9 new classes for my project today before testing project, but it still freezes even when I switched project.

-I switched to flash target and it worked.
-the compiler can detect errors before it possibly freezes
-When I check the bin folder, there is everything but my executable file and the icon
-The first time I tested the project today it freezes, but when I reboot and tested again without modifying it it worked. From then on any other attempts to build to windows freezes (with or without modifying)
-I ran a memory stress test and it passed.
-I monitored the memory usage and CPU usage of flash develop right before it freezes but both are minuscule.
-Lime installed Visual Studio Express for me a long time ago when I was setting up for windows target, but the Visual Studio trial is expired (also pretty long ago)

I know this might not be the best place to look for help for issues like this but this is very uncommon and I have no other choices. Any help is appreciated.

-Is it possible that the compiler or the haxelib/lime is messed up internally during one attempt?
-Or is it anything to do with the IDE?
-I am worried that my hardware and data will get damaged eventually during trial and error… :’(

Thanks a whole lot in advance!

Try compiling without flash develop. Check if you have enough space on your disk.

Thanks for the help. I do have enough space on my disk(at least 75gb), but I ll try compiling without FD

Well… problem solved after I turned off my anti-virus software. I need to keep it off every time then… but still, I am curious why my application keeps getting picked up by anti-virus, maybe its just coincidence?

Probably you can add exceptions to your antivirus but never heard from something like this