Build failed on iOS with sample project

Hey all,

I can’t figure out how to build on iOS a simple empty project.

I created a project using :

lime create openfl:project test

and then :

lime test ios

This created a xcode project that gets an error on build :

make: *** [build-haxe-armv7] Error 1
Command /Applications/ failed with exit code 2


The following build commands failed:
    ExternalBuildToolExecution Build\ Haxe
(1 failure)

I installed/upgraded to latest version

Using OSX 10.10.4
Xcode 6.4

Any ideas ?

Many thanks !

Make sure Openfl is current version 3.6.0 ??

If you installed wrong version of openfl than you need download manuel from haxelib “haxelib install openfl 3.6.0” and you need to download lime if you want 2.9.0 or 2.9.1 whatever than you can compile again if it doesn’t work than you try remove library example openfl or lime or nme than install again than it works clean… I hope my solution helps you

Ok, I’ll try this.

Can you explain why 3.6.0 and not 3.6.1 ?

With 3.6.0 I have this :


laxe Build.hxml -D HXCPP_ARMV7 -cpp build/Release-iphoneos-v7
/Users/{USER}/Documents/project/lime/openfl/3,6,0/openfl/display/Stage.hx:69: lines 69-1461 : Field onWindowDropFile needed by is missing
make: *** [build-haxe-armv7] Error 1


And no idea what to do :slight_smile:

Especially because another post says it’s linked to older version : Stage.xh lime app module missing

If your lime gets error you need to install lime-2.9.0:
get lime develop from github
example: C:\users(username)\lime ( gethub version ) than
and rename installed from haxelib
2,9,0 to 2,9,0_bkp and copy from github to haxe\lib\lime\lime and rename to 2,9,0 and copy from installed ( 2,9,0_bkp to 2,9,0 and make sure new version of hxcpp and haxe 3.3 ( I will test later )

and haxelib run lime setup if it doesn’t show error than compile like lime rebuild windows -DHXCPP_X86 and lime rebuild windows -Dstatic -DHXCPP_X86 and more If you want -Dlegacy example
lime rebuild windows -Dlegacy -DHXCPP_X86 and lime rebuild windows -Dlegacy -Dstatic -DHXCPP_X86 if you use iOS than you need lime rebuild ios and lime rebuild ios -Dlegacy ( If you use lime setup ios )

And you try create example project like DisplayingABitmap to iOS app and try it. If compilation doesn’t get error. I hope my solution helops you.

Man you need to chill, not all errors are coming from 3.6.1 …

Could you share any more information? Why did “Build Haxe” fail? It should show earlier in the output data that may help us know why. Thanks :slight_smile: