Build AIR Android app with FOLDERS not FILES

Currently OpenFl’s openfl build air -android generate command with every asset found in project.xml’s <assets /> folders.
Smth. like adt -package -target apk bin/Demo.apk application.xml -C bin Demo.swf com/package1/package2/assets/image_1.png com/package1/package2/assets/image_2.png com/package1/package2/assets/image_3.png com/package1/package2/assets/image_4.png...
In my project there are a lot of assets and it leads to huuuuuge command that fails with Command line to long error on Windows.

Is there any flag/argument/setting for openfl command or project.xml to generate command with folders not files?

According to lime sources there is no such possibility. Am I missing something?