[Bug] transform.pixelBounds.height returns incorrect value


mySprite.transform.pixelBounds.height returns 0 in html5.

It should return the height of the Sprite without parts of objects outside a mask.

So let’s says I have a Sprite called mainSprite of 100 height. in this Sprite I have a Sprite with a mask of 100 height and a Sprite (the masked one) of 200 height. Everything is a y = 0.

mainSprite.height returns 200. It’s ok.
But mainSprite.transform.pixelBounds.height should returns 100 instead of 0.

Is there another way to get the proper height of a Sprite?

Thanks, I hadn’t used transform.pixelBounds before. Looks like it’s a stub right now – there to keep compilation, but doesn’t work.

I assume we need similar logic to getBounds, but with a check for scrollRect or mask content. Can you think of any other cases it needs to cover?