[BUG] [OpenFl 3.3.2 ] [Android][desktop] Arrays in Arrays

This bug happens with OpenFl 3.3.2 , I don’t know it happens with the latest version, as I’m using stencyl .

I’m putting a link from stencyl forum http://community.stencyl.com/index.php/topic,43960.msg246210.html#new ( the post is very short)
because I don’t know how to upload images

I’m not sure there’s enough details to know what’s going on. Does this work?

var list = new Array<Array<Int>> ();
var array = [ 1, 0, 0, 0 ];

list.push (array);

for (i in list[0]) {
   trace (i);

I will try the push method tomorrow, but I’ll wait tomorrow because I did too much debugging to day ^ ^ I need some rest
( and maybe make a super simple behaviour, so it will be easy to see)

( for now when I first set it , it’s _LinesValue[Std.int(index-1)] = _LineArray; which doesn’t work ; I don’t use push)
The strange thing it that it worked perfectly with the old version of Stencyl which used an old version of openfl from July)

For now I’m using arrays stored in map instead …

Perhaps check your “index” value and make sure that it doesn’t equal less than zero?

I abandon … Just made the exact same code … ( okay not “exact”, the variables have different names, etc) and it works …
Spent two hours on it this morning

             _LineArray = _LinesValue[Std.int(index0)];
            propertyChanged("_LineArray", _LineArray);
            trace("" + _LinesValue[Std.int(index0)]);
            trace("" + _LineArray);

why the last trace produces “null” is just too mysterious for me

This should work?

var _LinesValue = [[ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]];
var index0 = 0;
var _LineArray = _LinesValue[Std.int (index0)];
trace (_LinesValue);
trace (_LineArray);

(though you shouldn’t need Std.int if index0 is an Int already