Browser zooming affects/cuts off my HTML5 game screen

Hi, I recently played around wondering how to rescale my game so everything inside in a google Chrome will be seen within the field of the browser. I found that the haxe code to set width and height has ZERO effect on what’s happening so, im wondering if I have to modify the index.html for that, and how?

What is happening now: If I pressed in Chrome Ctrl+0 or Zoomed in the screen, then launched the game, it would appear too zoomed. If Ctrl- Minus was pressed to zoom out, the game screen still appears cut.

If I Ctr Minuse BEFORE launching the game, it would start zoomed out and thus visible with nothing cut. Is there a way and does it need within the Haxe coding (what code will fix this for html) or the index.html has to be touched (again I would need guidance how). to force an always same size no matter zooming of browser or at least to Force ZOOMED out so that it always shows zoomed out for that page to not cut any parts of the game space.
And yes this is so in project.xml

<window width="0" height="0" resizable="false" if="html5" />

We read the size of the parent DIV element on the page, so our resizing is sensitive to how that changes. I’m not sure (completely) how zooming may or may not influence the CSS of that element