Broken GlowFilters + BitmapData drawing in OpenFL 8.9.2

GlowFitlers seem to have been negatively affected after updating to OpenFL 8.9.2 + Lime 7.6.0. I looked at WebGL and canvas rendering, and it is more severe in canvas. I tested with Edge, Chrome, and Firefox on Windows 10 (possibly any browser that is built with Chromium).

From what I can tell:

  • GlowFilters show up significantly weaker in HTML5 builds than in Flash builds made with OpenFL 8.9.2. If I revert to OpenFL 8.8.0 + Lime 7.2.1, they render as intended.
  • If you try to draw a DisplayObject with a GlowFilter to BitmapData, it doesn’t draw the DisplayObject at all. There are no errors, it just produces completely transparent BitmapData.

Here is some screenshots of some TextFields with a GlowFilter in 8.8.0 + Lime 7.2.1 rendering normally with webGL:

After I updated to OpenFL 8.9.2 + Lime 7.6.0, the TextField looks very different in webGL:

I compiled with -D canvas flag and it looks even worse: