Bring power to Lime

hello friends today I am very happy,
worked with the file brought me some problems that was not being able to solve but not this problems are solved.
One of problem is the animations that uses lots of transformations and haxe hate this :slight_smile: so to be more friendly of haxe i move all this computation on GPU.
Today i modify my animations by vertex interpolation that is use in quake2d and quake3d and now is made by shader i have such impact on the frame rate.
I made one simple demo with 100 animated models i have 55 fps better than away3d :wink:


Bones Animation

Vertex Interpolated

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Wow super fast! Running on my nvidia shield at 60 fps one chrome, and chrome is slower than firefox. Awesome me job!

Do you think that a faster typed array implementation (started working on one using abstracts) would help improve performance without pushing it into a shader?

Hi Joshua.
don’t understand your question.
i made lots of tests to see want cause the delay but i don’t find , the only platform that don’t have too much delay is html even cpp native and android neko it’s impossible .
using matrix transformations we have to access the array and this is the problem like
vertex interpolation because we have to acces the array and send to buffer.
i convert tha haxe code to delphi and the same model have 300 by delphi fps and haxe cpp 20 :frowning: neko 4 Html5 40fps
the problem is not Lime but Haxe.
i decide to use much as possible the GPU(shaders)