Box2D with b2EdgeChainDef

Hello everyone.
I ask here because I spent time searching without success
Anyone know where I can download a version of Box2D Haxe that manages correctly b2EdgeChainDef B2EdgeShape


What’s the issue? If there is a bug in the port, it would be great to have it fixed

I downloaded the latest version of Box2D and there are a lot of bugs about B2EdgeShape

Besides, I have found a forum where they talk about to fix them

But I just wanted to know if any changes have been made by someone.

The haxelib is published from here:

There are no pull requests and I don’t see any commits about B2EdgeShape, so I’m guessing those fixes never got contributed back. If you would not mind making the changes and testing, I would be happy to include a pull request that resolves this :slight_smile: