Box2d Port issues

I’m porting some AS3 box2d games to OpenFl and I’m noticing some slight discrepancies in behaviour.

Same timestep, upper/lower bounds, iterations, psy Scale & gravity on the world - same size, density, friction, restitution on the circle object created - and yet it bounces totally differently. Both are 60fps btw.

Anyone else experienced this ? Is this a ‘thing’ ?

ok cheers HaxePeople,


may fpu-hardware´s “round()” diffs
(Box2d.hx “fixed-point” ready -> \o/ ; )

You can check box2d.common.B2Settings and make sure that the same values are used in both builds.

I haven’t used box2d in a while but I remember when ported a game from AS3 I had to tweak the physics to make it work as I wanted.

I’d be happy to integrate changes if you find any discrepancies between the AS3 Box2D and this port – it could be a different Flash Box2D version, or this was notoriously difficult to port, due to many tiny little hidden behaviors. I was surprised certain parts of the Box2D code actually compiled as AS3 :flushed:

Cheers ! I’ll go do some more tests and get back on this !