Black screen on emulator - MacBook Pro

Attempting to run the “HaxeUI Showcase” application on the Android emulator on a MacBook Pro. When “openfl test android -emulator” is used, the application gets installed on the emulator, but it results in a black screen.

Mavericks, Macbook Pro (2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo) with 8GB RAM.

AVD is: “Galaxy Nexus,” “Android 4.1.2 - API Level 16,” memory options “RAM 1024, VM Heap 64,” emulated memory 8GB with 2GB SDCard." “Use Host GPU.”

I don’t know if it is the same issue but just in case ‘Welcome to the party’ :wink:

I have the same machine (mbook pro 2.66 8GB) and similar emulator (I was using API 16, now I’m trying API 21).

If you have any news please share it. :wink:

I know from other sources that HAXM is said not to work on Intel Core chips such as mine. I’ve configured the VM with an AMDv7 processor. Without that, the emulator did not start at all. To clarify, the emulator does run!

That is interesting.
But, as you can see in my other thread, I’ve already tried the ARM emulation with the exact same result. Black screen (in fact it looks like back sprite).

Well, if you wait long enough, the screen is not completely blank. Amid the blackness I see four grey words: “Width,” “Height,” “Popup,” and “Dropdown.”

In the logcat output I just saw: “E/NME ( 629): GL Error: 1280 29x20.”

But, in the logcat displays leading up to that point, I don’t really see anything interesting or unusual. I see the OpenGL libraries being found and loaded, and so on.

The application does work on a real device (Nexus 7).

Also, I wound up removng the orientation-tag in the application.xml file … actually, just commenting it out … so that the app didn’t hold a horizontal-only orientation, but rather, auto rotates.